Why Cinematic Wedding Videos Trump Traditional Styles

In the past, professional wedding photography was entrusted as the number one medium for newlyweds to relive their special days. Yet with the rise of digital technology and social media has come a new era of keepsake – wedding videos. Of course, video snippets filmed on a vintage handheld camcorder are always endearing. But today, a far more elitist version has emerged…

Cue cinematic wedding videography.

Inspired by the art of cinematic storytelling, sophisticated DSLR cameras, interchangeable lenses and pro post-production editing software have bridged the gap between the charm of traditional wedding videos, and the stunning cinematic quality of the silver screen. At Runako we have taken it even further and invested in Digital Film cameras that produce even higher definition videos than the DSLR cameras most wedding videography companies are using today. Blackmagic Cinema Cameras not only allow us to shoot Cinema grade Wedding films but also allow us to capture incredible audio.

This is one of many reasons many brides and grooms choose us to be their official wedding videographers. Simply put, cinematic wedding videos trump traditional styles, no matter how elaborate or intimate your wedding…

Short, sweet and visually stunning

The beautiful thing about cinematic wedding videos is that they sum up the entire event in a form that’s short, sweet and visually stunning. This way the viewer can relive the experience, without having to dedicate hours to the cause.

A visual snapshot

Unlike single wedding snapshots, cinematic wedding videos capture the entirety of the day in a matter of minutes. From the intimacy of hair and makeup to the drama of walking down the aisle, our team will be on-hand to capture every precious moment, as it unfolds. While traditional videographers would usually just hand over hours of unedited footage for newlyweds to trawl through, we invest time and talent into creating masterpieces.

Social sharing

Thanks to social media, it’s now easier than ever to share wedding videos with both VIP wedding guests and curious acquaintances alike. In the past, there was a well-deserved suspicion that hour upon hour of unedited traditional wedding video footage would simply gather dust. Yet enlist the expertise we possess and that same footage is transformed into an exquisite short film that can be shared instantaneously on social media.

So if you’d like to crystallise your special day in a format that’s visually stunning, utterly engaging and wonderfully shareable? Get in touch with Runako Films today to find out more about our bespoke cinematic wedding video packages.

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